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NAT-MCH MicroTCA Carrier Hub

Management & Data Switching

Any standard compliant MicroTCA system is managed by a MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH). Besides the central system management for any component in a MicroTCA system, the MCH also provides central switching functionality for the data fabrics, creating a single star (non-redundant) or dual star (redundant) switching topology.

All NAT-MCHs are MicroTCA Carrier Hubs in the form factor of either a single or double width, mid- or full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC). Any MCH comprises of a base module and numerous optional daughter cards which can be mounted onto the base module. While the base modules provide the MicroTCA management and data switching for the base fabric, the daughter cards provide clock distribution functions as well as data hub functions (switches for fat pipe fabrics). Both the base modules as well as the data hubs provide uplink ports.

For a quick comparison of NAT's various MCH products, please refer to the MCH Overview.

Comprehensive on-board firmware and front panel visualization of system status down to the single FRU make our MCHs the ideal choice for your MicroTCA system.