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2023 Feb. 22

Embedded World 2023 (Mar 14-16)

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At embedded world 2023 NAT presents its MicroTCA based solutions for industrial applications in hall 3 at booth 3-544.


Among displaying the key benfits of our technology, i.e. real-time capabilities, modularity and mix-and match and cost efficiency, at embedded world NAT has put a strong focus on our NATvision solutions.

NATvision is a complete solution for for modular, flexible, scalable and reliable video processing applications and supports our customers from the early product development up deployment of standard products, regardless wether a customized or a turnkey solution is required.

NATvision is available on different Hardware platforms in order to support a fast and cost effective development from scratch up to demanding field applications.

Based on NATvision, any development of new algorithms can start immediately and independently from the final Hardware design.

Due to the flexibility of NATvision, various parameters and solution characteristics can be easily altered during development, i.e. amount and types of used cameras, sensor resolution, frames per second, processing power, new AI functions for the foreseen application. New and additional output requirements can be realized without delaying the software application development i.e. because of modified or changed hardware.



NATvision provides flexibility in several directions:

  • Provides scalability in terms of number and types of boards.
  • Provides independency of HW requirements from SW application development
  • Provides graphical SW development tool and allows the use of C an C++ codes instead of HDL.
  • Application functions can be distributed among different boards even after roll-out.
  • Timing and latency aspects are covered by hardware.
  • Remote management and system health are also covered as standard functions by design

In addition to presenting the buidling blocks at our booth 3-544 in hall 3 we also provide a life demo at booth 1-441 in hall 1 at our partner nVent.

We are looking forward to seeing you at embedded world (Mar 14-16), come and visit us at booths 3-544 in hall 3 and 1-441 in hall 1.

Please also visit the NATvision website.