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2023 Nov. 07

DESY MicroTCA Workshop 2023 (Dec 5-7)

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The 12th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research will again take place at the CFEL building on DESY premises from December 5th to December 7th 2023.

As a member of the advisory committee, exhibitor, vendor and participant N.A.T. cordially invites you to participate (please follow this link to register) in the MicroTCA Workshop, either on-site at DESY or virtually through the workshop's streaming portal.

The annual MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research is the one of the most important events on MicroTCA and targets both users and vendors from international industry and research facilities around the globe.

The main topics of this year's MicroTCA Workshop are:

  • Applications in research facilities
  • Applications in industry
  • New products
  • New Technologies
  • Future of standard and interoperability
  • Software and firmware
  • Industry Exhibition - presentation of modules and systems from industry and research

At the 12th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research N.A.T. will present on the following topics

  • MicroTCA Tutorial: "MicroTCA Management, Clocking and Fabrics" by Heiko Koerte (Dec 5th, 9:35 - 10:00am CET)
  • "NAT-MCH Generation 4 - new features and how to transit from NAT-MCH Generation 3" by Heiko Koerte (date and time to be confirmed)
  • "NATIVE-server: from concept to solution" by Herbert Erd (date and time to be confirmed)

In case you cannot make it to our booth during the daily conference times, please reach out to us to schedule your personal online appointment with either Herbert Erd or Heiko Koerte.

We are looking forward to welcoming and meeting you on-site at DESY.