Development System for AMC Modules in PC, Standalone or Extended Environment

The NAMC-DISCOVERY is a development environment for AdvancedMC (AMC) modules used in MicroTCA (MTCA), AdvancedTCA (ATCA) or custom systems. You can use the NAMC-DISCOVERY to bring up and test your own AMC modules (AMC-under-test) as either a separate development board (standalone mode) or as an extension to your MTCA system or PC (extender mode).

In standalone mode, the NAMC-DISCOVERY includes the required MTCA infrastructure including an embedded MicroTCA carrier hub (eMCH), power module (PM) and cooling unit (CU or fan), eliminating the need for any external MicroTCA system hardware. 

In extender mode, the NAMC-DISCOVERY provides full connectivity over a cable interface to your MicroTCA system or PC.

The NAMC-DISCOVERY also includes JTAG connections and functionality to simplify your testing and debugging process.

The NAMC-DISCOVERY-StarterKit provides all you need to bring up and test your AMC-under-test. As a standalone enviromnet the NAMC-DISOCOVERY-StarterKit coonsits of

  • the NAMC-DISOVERY base board with an LCD display providing useful infomation about the eMCH, the AMC state, link status of your AMC-under-test and information about current and voltage sensors
  • a 120W autorange AC/DC power supply including a 1m power cord
  • a removable low-noise fan in order to cool the AMC-under-test
  • an USB cable to conect to the serial console of the eMCH
  • a CAT5 patch cable to connect your network to AMC ports #0 or #1 of your AMC-under-test.

In case you would like to perform loopback tests on ports #0-20 of your AMC-under-test, the add-on option NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddLoopback provides exactly this functionality.

When performing system integration tests, depending on your delopment environment you may choose either the single mid-size AMC module NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConMTCA or a standard PCIe card NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConPCIe as an add-on option to the NAMC-DISOVERY-StarterKit. These add-on cards allows you to connect your AMC-under-test while it is still inserted in the NAMC-DISCOVERY base board to either a MTCA system or a PC. In this mode of operation your AMC-under-test will be powered by the MTCA system or the PC. If connected to a MTCA system your AMC-under-test is then transparently connected to the MTCA system as if would be directly plugged into the MTCA system. In this case the eMCH which is integrated in the NAMC-DISCOVERY does no longer manage your AMC-under-test.

The NAMC-DISCOVERY seamlessly ties into your Altera or XILINX IDE. It can operate as JTAG master or JTAG slave which allows you to easily program any FPGA on your AMC-under-test directly from your IDE work station.

Key features
Technical details
Block diagram
Order code
  • Standalone AMC development system which can be extended by add-on options in order to operate the AMC-under-test as a part of your MTCA or PC environment 
  • Embedded MCH (eMCH), power and low noise fan cooling
  • LCD display for eMCH, AMC status and sensor information including fan speed
  • Support for single and double width AMC-under-test modules of compact-, mid- and full-size
  • Integrated MicroUSB to JTAG circuits compatible with Lattice, Altera and Xilinx FPGA
  • 120W AC/DC autorange power supply included
  • PC extension with 8 lane PCIexpress connecting AMC ports #4-11, JTAG, I2C of AMC-under-test to a MTCA (add-on option)
  • single-mid-size AMC extension connecting AMC ports #0-10, TCLKA A-D, FCLKA , JTAG of AMC-under-test to a MTCA system (add-on option)

List of features in standalone mode:

  • MTCA infrastructure (MCH, PM, CU) included on base board
  • No need for external MicroTCA system hardware
  • 1000Base-T Ethernet connection to AMC Port 0 and 1 with Ethernet plugs located on baseboard
  • VLAN capable
  • 12V local power supply over banana plug or 4 pin AC/DC power plug
  • Embedded MCH located on base board for IPMI management
  • MCH connected with Ethernet for external system manager and update
  • MCH connected with Micro-USB for serial output and configuration
  • MCH can be configured to use the AMC in unmanaged mode
  • MCH controls and monitors FAN
  • AMC status LEDs

List of features in extender mode:

  • Full connectivity over cable interface to external MTCA system or PC
  • NAMC-Discovery-Connect-MTCA
    • Connect to MTCA system
    • Ports #0-20, TCLKA A-D, FCLKA , JTAG , I2C, Power
  • NAMC-Discovery-Connect-PCI
    • Standard PCIe-x8 Card
    • Ports #4-11, JTAG, I2C, Power
  • NAMC-Discovery-Loopback
    • Cross-over connect TX and RX signals of AMC ports #0-20
    • Useful for production testing
Rev #
Date Last Modified
namc_discovery_ds Data Sheet pdf 1.2MB 1.2 02-08-2019
namc_discovery_man_hw Hardware Manual pdf 2.2MB 1.2 16-06-2020
namc_discovery_quickstart Quick Start Guide pdf 1.3MB 1.0 19-03-2020

NAMC-DISCOVERY block diagram

Product Code: NAMC-DISOVERY-[Option]






standalone starter kit providing MTCA infrastructure (eMCH, PM, CU), coonsiting of base board with LCD display, 120WACDC power supply, low-noise fan, USB console cable, CAT5 patch cable


add-on option (connecting to PCs)

standard x8 PCIe card connecting AMC ports #4-11 (PCIe), JTAG, I2C of AMC-under-test in NAMC-DISCOVERY-StarterKit to a PC (AMC under test then powered by PC); requires 1x NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddCabDAT and 1x NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddCabMGMT as separate order items.


add-on option (connecting to MTCA systems)

single, mid-size AMC connecting AMC ports #0-20, TCLKA A-D, FCLKA , JTAG, I2C of AMC-under-test in NAMC-DISCOVERY-StarterKit to a MTCA system (AMC under test then powered by MTCA system); requires 2x NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddCabDAT and 1x NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddCabMGMT as separate order items.


add-on option (fat pipe loopback)

special adaptor for cross-connecting TX and RX signals of ports 0-20 of AMC-under-test for loop-back testing; requires 1x NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddCabDAT as separate order item.


add-on option (data cable) special data cable to connect NAMC-DISCOVERY-StarterKit with NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConMTCA or NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConPCIe or NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddLoopback (all separate order items)


add-on option (management cable) special management cable to connect NAMC-DISCOVERY-StarterKit with NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConMTCA or NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddConPCIe or NAMC-DISCOVERY-AddLoopback (all separate order items)