2017-12-04 - Announcing New MicroTCA.4.1 Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) Backplane

N.A.T. Announces New MicroTCA.4.1 Low Level Radio Frequency (LLRF) Backplane for High Energy Physics Research and Telecom Applications

N.A.T., a leading supplier of embedded boards and systems based on open
standards, today announced a new MicroTCA.4.1 low level radio frequency (LLRF)
backplane for the distribution of high precision RF and clock signals in
embedded computing systems aimed at high energy physics research and other
applications: the NAT-LLRF-Backplane.

Originally developed by DESY, the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, and now 
licensed by N.A.T., the NAT-LLRF-Backplane provides three extra slots for 
RF/clock signal generation and distribution modules. It provides high-frequency 
signal distribution in the range of DC to 6GHz (27 single-ended channels, star 
topology) and low-jitter CLK channels (22 differential pairs, star topology). 
The backplane supports two RTM power modules, such as the NAT-RPM-PSC, and 
delivers a high-performance and managed power source for up to 12 MicroRTMs 
(μRTM) and three extended RTMs (eRTM). For cost-efficiency, the unit can also 
operate with no RTM-PM if the rear of the chassis only needs a limited amount 
of power.

The NAT-LLRF-Backplane also provides low noise separated analog bipolar power
distribution (+VV, -VV) for μRTMs and unipolar power distribution (PP) for eRTMs.
The NAT-MCH-RTM-BM-FPGA module provides system management functionality
and the backplane provides three LVDS data communication links per slot to eRTMs.
An on-board user I²C interface can be used for system management and
communication among other functions.

The NAT-LLRF-Backplane can be mounted in a 9U chassis, such as the NATIVE-R9, 
and it includes a dedicated shielding board which protects against electromagnetic
interference induced by the AMC backplane. The backplane ground can be
connected to/isolated from the chassis ground using screws. N.A.T. and the DESY
research institute have studied the signal integrity of the design and optimized
it to achieve best performance.

For detailed product and functionality information please visit the web site for the NAT-LLRF-Backplane.

Please follow this link to download the press release.