2013-12-01 - MicroTCA Workshop (Dec. 11th - 12th) at DESY, Hamburg, Germany

2nd MTCA Workshop at DESY, Hamburg, Germany

The 2nd MTCA workshop for industry and research will take place from 11th December to 12th December 2013 at DESY in Hamburg, Germany.

As a member of the advisory committee N.A.T. cordially invites you to participate.

The workshop will bring together experts and beginners from industry and research to discuss present and future developments in the field of the
Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture family of standards.

The main task of the workshop is

  • to spread the knowledge of MTCA;
  • to show how to set up a MTCA.4 system;
  • to show which modules are available today;
  • to learn if there are incompatibilities between modules;
  • to resolve ambiguities in the specifications;
  • to discuss desired changes to the standard;
  • to improve the backplane for analog applications.

At an exhibition from industry, the newest products involving MTCA.4 modules will be presented. You will have direct contact to the manufacturers.

We also cordially invite you to join us in our two sessions

  • MTCA Tutorial: Configuring and Maintaining on Tuesday, Dec. 10th at 5:15pm (special attendees only)
  • Upgrade to 16 PCIexpress lanes in MTCA.4 on Wednesday, Dec. 11th at 11:40am

We are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop in DESY, Hamburg!

For more information please visit http://mtcaws.desy.de.